Ten little monkeys, Darby Smurf edition

A self-explanatory song if I saw one on the Web, a self-explanatory song is all about ten little monkeys in a humorous way?!!


Ten little monkeys jumping on the screen
Nobody fell up but it’s zero-g environment?!
I wouldn’t call this doctor and I said
“Please continue using my OS and I browse it on the tubes!”

Ten little monkeys using typewriters
Google didn’t exist but MSN did
I called Bill Gates on my new Windows 8 tab
“You should use your iPad but unless he’s in philanthropy!”

Ten little monkeys poking someone on FB
At least 10 years ago Mark Zuckerberg told the tiny apes
One fell down to the information superhighway
“One more try and explode your head!”

Nine little monkeys… oh no. Now I need the hobo cats tonight.

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