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Oh crap.

Good Guy VLC Player

Hmm… I wonder this icon from Videolan’s VLC media player? Riiiight, even free software that will not trick you by installing toolbars.

Good Morn, Bloggers on the Web!

I’m so glad that all the bloggers on the web, but… it’s a secret suprise that my browser just swapped from Firefox to Chrome.

I have to use Flickr and sit down and everyone love my blog with your web browser in your computer!

An Apology From Marissa Mayer

I have an apology from Marissa Mayer that I can’t log in automatically on Flickr. I apologized her so I can use many things to bypass this error:

  • Always accept cookies with your web browser.
  • Use Flickr on another computer.
  • If Mozilla the dinosaur kicks some guy from suburban Seattle, switch to Firefox.
  • [insert Linus Torvalds-related joke here]
  • Delete System32 (or else, some homosexual man from Robertsdale will switch you to Mac)

Have a nice day, Bill Gates (microsoft/tech/computers)

Once upon a time, there was a Redmondian who worked at Microsoft. His name was Bill Gates. One day, the late Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011) works in Cupertino. He decided to destroy every computer in every office and in every home.  Obviously, I dunno what happens in ’95.  This Jacksonville native goes in spaaaace. Windows ’95 gets the “Start” button (8.1: goes to the Start screen) and taskbar (present in every Windows version). The Oklahoma City bombings. DVDs. Toy Story. eBay. Galileo goes to Jupiter.  And Mir greets Atlantis.