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Oh crap.

Good Guy VLC Player

Hmm… I wonder this icon from Videolan’s VLC media player? Riiiight, even free software that will not trick you by installing toolbars.


An Apology From Marissa Mayer

I have an apology from Marissa Mayer that I can’t log in automatically on Flickr. I apologized her so I can use many things to bypass this error:

  • Always accept cookies with your web browser.
  • Use Flickr on another computer.
  • If Mozilla the dinosaur kicks some guy from suburban Seattle, switch to Firefox.
  • [insert Linus Torvalds-related joke here]
  • Delete System32 (or else, some homosexual man from Robertsdale will switch you to Mac)

Have a nice day, Bill Gates (microsoft/tech/computers)

Once upon a time, there was a Redmondian who worked at Microsoft. His name was Bill Gates. One day, the late Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011) works in Cupertino. He decided to destroy every computer in every office and in every home.  Obviously, I dunno what happens in ’95.  This Jacksonville native goes in spaaaace. Windows ’95 gets the “Start” button (8.1: goes to the Start screen) and taskbar (present in every Windows version). The Oklahoma City bombings. DVDs. Toy Story. eBay. Galileo goes to Jupiter.  And Mir greets Atlantis.