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Yikes, even Phil Schiller can’t do this!

Satya Nadella (@satyanadella) in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”

Shakespeare’s play gets the Microsoft treatment.

Yikes, I dunno what do Shakespeare and Windows 8.1 have in common? – ed


Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Wash.
Enter Hamlet, followed by Ghost.
Ghost: O hi Hamlet.
Hamlet: Yes?
Ghost: Damn it, Hamlet!
(Exit Ghost.)
Hamlet: Aw, crap.
(Exit Hamlet.)

Man gets 87 months in prison for copyright infringement

A man from Baltimore in U.S. sentenced for 87 months in prison for infringing copyrights on everybody’s favorite software programs, including Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Photoshop, Mac OS X Panther (for computers use the PowerPC architecture), and Windows XP (it’s dead right now). Yikes, he forgot to look at Steve Jobs’ black turtleneck too at his 40th birthday.

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